Madeit Fashion Week 2016 (and md’s is part of it)

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I’m so lucky!!!


I feel being part of this crazy fabric world you get to be a part of some amazing things, and this is one of them! Welcome to Madeit Fashion Week 2016. I am amazed and honoured to be a part of it – there are so many talented sewist / seamstresses / designers that are a part of this amazing week and I am one of them ekkkk.

Check them all out here:


So what is this all about? Only my favourite new top pattern (and it can be a dress too) the Drop Dress and Top. It is a gorgeous asymmetrical draped dress or top that can be made out of any fabric that has a little stretch and a little drape. The best thing about it is it’s total flexibility to be made out of a warm sweater knit or a lighter drape-y viscose…I am just loving mine.

draft1 DSC_3663


The absolute best part is the simplicity in sewing it up. Once you have printed and stuck those pages you are 20mins away from wearing you new top. The back and fronts are pretty much the same piece – with a lower neckline at the front #droptashtic and then a cute dolman type sleeve and you are finished. 

So if you want to purchase some amazing patterns (addicted to them here at mds) then head on over during fashion week and enter the code MFW2016 and you will get 20% off – go and get that Groove Dress too while you are buying the Drop, it is my new fave!



So not only is Madeit Patterns giving you 20% off all their patterns this week they are also giving you the chance to win loads of amazing prizes – including a free pattern for just commenting here on my post (and other freebies if you check out the other bogs – check here to find them)!! Yes I know I don’t get that many comments but now maybe I will – only disclaimer is you can only comment once!


Thanks so much for reading – and head on over to see what others have to say about Madeit and the Drop Dress and Top!

20 Responses

  1. Zoe worrall

    This looks great something I would definitely wear and something to use up all those fabrics I have bought for selfish sews and not had chance to use x

    • admin

      Its a great pattern – they also do this amazing Groove dress in all sizes (from baby up to adult) and its amazing! xxx Catherine

  2. Olu falola

    You’re pictures are such fun, they really make me smile. And what a beautiful dog you have, so majestic. You look great in your Drop Top. Thank you so much for being part of Madeit Fashion Week.

  3. Anna

    Thank you so much for taking part in the Fashion Week, you look Fabulous and I love your pictures, I really like how you styled it with the white T showing at the hem and how did you get the dog to pose like that! 🙂

    • admin

      I actually took these photos with a tripod and use the timer function, and because it was beeping Sophie (the dog) was just looking in the right direction – it all just came together! <3 thanks for reading xxx

  4. Emi

    I LOVE your photos!! Your Drop looks amazing on you and I love how you styled it. Now you’re making me want to sew some more…

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