My fav fabric suppliers

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My favourite fabric suppliers (part one – locals)


So one of the main questions I am asked (over and over again) is where do you get your fabrics from? Now some people would be very funny about giving away their secrets – but I’m not one of them.


In saying that, let’s get started!


Now being that I am in Ireland and I am a WAHM what keeps me in business is local people supporting me and I’d like to return the favour by mentioning some of them here! I mainly use soft stretchy jersey fabric (mainly cotton/lycra) and if you are looking for some amazing quality 96% cotton 94% lycra jersey fabric in solid colours then you have to get talking to Maeve at


dress fabrics ireland



Her solid jersey is soft and stretchy, has minimal fading or shrinking when pre-washing. Not only is her fabric lovely but so is she. I’ve order approx. 5 times from her in the past 3 months and I will continue to do so. Just placed an order yesterday for some gorgeous stretch lace – can’t wait for it to arrive. 


I’ve also ordered some french terry, sweatshirt and some other jersey fabrics and I have not been disappointed! Maeve stocks a wide range of fabrics – go and check them out – no not yet finish reading this blog first!.


Another one of my favourite fabric suppliers who is kind of local is Lisa at Kelanas Kreations. Lisa is in Wales so is a little further away but stocks so many prints and colours. Not only does she organise group buys from America and Europe but she designs and sells her own custom prints too! Her fabric very much suit my needs and is totally affordable especially if you order her custom prints during pre-order or if buying on sale.


**picture of her latest round of custom fabrics


You can buy from Lisa on etsy or if you are on facebook you can find her here (this is a closed group so you have to request to join but it’s totally worth it). Pre-orders from £13.50 retail from £16.


I have a Parcel Motel set up to try and save on shipping costs. For more details on Parcel Motel click here.


Come back later to read part 2 where I’ll be talking about my fav overseas fabric suppliers!