my new overlocker

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First post of 2016 – happy new year (sorry I’m a little late).


So I’ve been sewing for work for over 2 years now, and have been mainly sewing with a Lumina overlocker (no you probably haven’t heard of it) which I bought from Aldi in Australia for around $200 Australian dollars. Now it’s been, for its price, an amazing machine and I have loved using it, it has taught me loads….but after vibrating items off the table I was working on I thought it’s time to buy something new.


I did a little bit of research into overlockers, spent the past year reading all comments from anyone on their fav machine, following sewing blogs to hear their reviews and even checking in with my local singer sewing centre here in Waterford.


So in the end I picked this Juki MO-654DE overlocker, and the bonus was I was able to purchase from my local sewing machine shop (which is a tiny shop but has loads of knowledge in it). or facebook



juki 654de

****stock pic


so this is it


So far I’m loving the machine its smooth, fast and quiet. To try it out I sewed up a pair of pjs for my daughter and it took a little getting used to, but they sewed up amazing…


love you guys